Monday, July 30, 2007

End of Summer Fun

Wow! Looking at my calendar for the next three weeks is crazy! This week I am going to Cuba, MO to visit Angie and the girls, the MO Botanical Gardens with a friend from church, hoping spending time with two good friends from college, participating in the St. Louis Relay for Life, and leaving for the Creative Memories national convention. When I get back (in the middle of next week), I will be preparing for The Birthday Week! As many of you know Kalista's birthday is Aug 13th, Isaac's is Aug 17th, and mine is Aug 20th! And of course no August would be complete without the start of the school year. (Whatever happened to starting after Labor Day?) Erin's first day with kids is the 13th and I start back at the pre-school on the 20th. Where did the summer go? Don't get me wrong I am one of those mom's who looks forward to school starting. I love my kids, but I've run out of activities to do with them and I need a break! With Isaac climbing the walls (okay, not the walls but the treadmill, table, back of the couch, etc.) and Kalista constantly whining about everything I am ready for some structured activity time at pre-school for them and some adult interaction for me! Where is Erin you ask? He is a high school teacher and should be home for the summer, but not this year. He is working at a lab at Wash U. this summer with longer hours than his normal school ones! Oh well! We have had some good family times this summer too. Here's a pic from the Cardinal game this Saturday night.

Giving this a try.

Hello everyone! And welcome to my attemp at blogging. I have enjoyed catching up on many of my friends from high school and college by reading their blogs, that I have decided to try it myself! With the end of summer approaching, school getting ready to start again and being a busy mother of two small ones, I hope I can post once a week or so! So here goes and happy reading!