Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Trauma over costume?

If any of you are a regular reader of my sister's blog, you would have seen her recent posting about her tramatic Halloween as a fried egg. . . Well take a look at this month's cover of Family Fun Magazine. Does this kid looked traumatized to you? I guess our mom was just 20 years before her time. Love you Ang!

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Better than 20/20

Surgery success! My LASIK yesterday went great, and at my post-op appointment this morning I am seeing better than 20/20. Yeah! For those of you who wear glasses, you know what a huge change this is! It is really hard to describe. I keep trying to push my glasses up on my nose, but of course they are not there! Thanks for all the prayers!

My kids are being pretty funny about the whole thing. Kalista keeps crying everytime we talk about me not wearing glasses any more. She wants to know when the dr. is going to give them back to me. Isaac didn't quite get the eye shields that I had to wear all last evening. He kept telling me to "take off, mommy!"

Friday, October 19, 2007

Halloween Tag

How much do you enjoy Halloween?
I love it! Besides Christmas it is my favorite!

Do you think Halloween is too commercial these days? Do you miss the traditional costumes?
Too traditonal how? Dressing up is dressing up. I love it all!

Do you give out candy? If yes, what kind?
Yes, we give out candy. Usually little chocolate candy bars. Since having kids we just put a big caldron bucket on our porch and then take our little ones around. I realize this may mean that our neighbor kids take it all, since it is always empty when we get home, but who cares?

What has been your favorite costume? As a kid or adult?

I've had lots of favorites, like the year I was a washing machine and my friend was the dryer, but I have really enjoyed the last few years with my kids. We try to do a theme and last year was Star Wars. Here's a pic. Kalista picked her own character (she has been obsessed with Darth Maul since she was 18 months old, found a figurine and declared that "Darth Maul's trouble".)

When you were growing up what was the weather like during trick or treating? Did you ever have to wear a heavy coat over your costume?
I'm like Angie don't really remember coats too much, but I do remember rain. Yuck!

What was your favorite candy as a kid to get?
Mini chocolate bars and tootie rolls

Do you think Halloween costumes today are too provocative for kids and teens?
There are definitely some provocative ones out there to buy, I haven't see any kids wearing anything too bad.

What are your Halloween plans this year since it falls on a Wednesday?
Same as every year, walk around our cul'du'sac, then go to the Henley's Open House and walk some more around their street!

Now I tag Nancy, since she is the queen of Halloween!

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Just catching up

It has been a busy time in the Roades house. . .

It all started last Wednesday with our annual trip to the Pumpkin Patch with preschool. Both kids had a great time. Kalista loved the straw mazes and Isaac really loved the train ride.

Then that evening Erin's mom flew in for a much anticipated visit. The kids were ecstatic! They love their Gramme because it means games, stories, playtime, and more games! Normal bedtimes were forgotten, good visit time was had by all!

The second reason for Karen's visit was for Grandpa's memorial service at Jefferson Barracks. It was very, very nice. The kids did great even during the rifle salute (Isaac thought about crying, but it was over too quick) and bugle playing (Isaac did ask "where the tumpet go?" really loud once Taps was over and the bugler left.)

On Saturday morning, Karen left and the kids were to my parents' farm for the evening, so Erin and I could attend a dinner for the National Wrestling Hall of Fame. No we are not wrestlers, but Erin's dad, uncle, and several great-uncles were -- big time. In fact the Grubbs family (Erin's grandma's family) is largely responsible for bringing amateur wrestling to the St. Louis area and they were all inducted into the National Hall of Fame on Saturday night. Lots of Erin's relatives that we don't get to see very often were at dinner and it was nice to catch up with them. This is a pic of Erin, his uncle Jay, and one of his dad's old coaches.

That brings me to today where I got to skip school for a 3 hour eye exam. Why 3 hours you may ask? Well, next Friday I am having LASIK surgery on my horribly nearsighted eyes and today was the mapping appointment. I'm nervous, but really excited about life without glasses.