Wednesday, June 18, 2008

A "New" Week

This week brought about many new things to our family. . .
On Monday Kalista and Isaac got a new swing set. . . They are in heaven and loving every minute of their new "playground" as they call it.
New Swings -- Kalista "pushing" herself

The New Slide

Isaac's Man Cave

Also on Monday was Kalista's tee-ball practice. Boy are these exciting! :) Over the last three weeks she as aquired several new baseball related mannerisms. . .
A New "Hat"

A New Stance

Emma K. (a good friend of Kalista's from church)

Then today I got my new. . .

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Pre Camp

I have returned from my adventures as a pre-camp bible school teacher. Sunday started out really hot, but the weather cooled off considerably for Monday and Tuesday. It was a nice break from my own family, but I also missed them terribly! Some of my favorite things from the three days were. . .

  • Seeing my kids play in the creek on Sunday when they dropped me off. (Kalista fell in and Isaac sat down in the water getting him "grounded" from further play in the creek!)
  • teaching the kids of many of my friends from Neotez days gone by
  • listening to all the funny things the campers would say (One told the nurse he had termites in his pants. Upon inspection his pants did contain a lot of wood chips, and he said "well, it felt like termites!" Cause he would know what that felt like!)
  • watching Jesus work in the hearts of all the young campers.

It is sad that I have to wait a whole year til my next camp week. It always go by so fast. . .

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Y Week

Sometimes I think I need to be hit upside the head. This week was one of those times. The summer I session at the YMCA started on Monday. Kalista couldn't wait for her first t-ball lesson. (It was hilarious, I'll try to get pictures soon.) I, on the other hand, couldn't wait to start some new exercise classes. Last session I took a spinning class and convinced Erin to join a new one with me for this session. I am also going to keep spinning at my regular time, but add another class. I didn't really sit down and map out how this week would go, until about half way through when I could no longer walk, but here is the break-down. . .

  • Sunday -- ran a 5K
  • Monday -- day off from exercising for recovery, just a little sore
  • Tuesday -- Kareoke cyclying class with Erin, a hard 55 minute ride to the sounds of the 80s
  • Wednesday -- Guts and Butts workout class, lots of squats and crunches. It was a hard class and I only managed about 60% of the crunches, but it was my first one
  • Thursday -- I was going to go to Curves this day, but I woke up not really being able to move. Plus I had one more spinning class before the end of the week to get through so . . . Day off!
  • Friday -- Spinning class two. I did better with this one that I thought I would, still really sore, but I made it through the 55 min. ride without having to stop.

Now I get to rest for a few days. . . Oh wait, I go to camp tomorrow, guess not!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

One Busy Day!

So Sunday was the big day. I am sure my blog readers (all five of you) have been waiting on pins and needles to hear about my big 5K race, the annual STL Zoo run, that I mentioned back in January. Well it was this Sunday. And the best I can say is that it is over! Actually it wasn't too bad. My time was (a little less than 15 minutes a mile), but considering I really haven't been training like I wanted to for the past 6-8 weeks or so, I was proud that I at least finished it. Both Erin and my dad also ran (considerably faster than me), plus Angie and her kids were there to cheer us all on.

Ready to race!

Erin came in first with a time somewhere around 22 minutes. Angie (our photographer) couldn't get to the finish line in time!

Dad was next to cross the line.

The Cheering section got a little bore waiting for me to finish, but when I finally reappeared they all cheered and ran with me for the last little bit yelling GO MOM, GO MOM, GO Aunt Lissa! That is until Lexi. . .

. . . bit the big one by running off the sidewalk. At least we know why her parents didn't name her Grace!

Like I said, my finish was not fast, but I did finish!

After the race was finished we all went into the zoo to celebrate Lexi and Andy's birthdays (the Bourland came after the race) that are just a few days a part. Once the festivities were over, we headed home for quick naps because we had big surprise for our kids that night. Tickets for Go Diego Go Live! Wow! What a show! While it wasn't Broadway, it was really great seeing the kids faces as they watched their favorite characters come to life. We went with some friends from church, so that's why where are three little jaguars!

Really nice surprise

So on Friday, Erin had made plans to go out with his college running buddy, so I was gearing up for a night alone with the kids. I had a quick visit with my chiropractor and when I got home Kalista helped me wake up Isaac from his nap. She then starts telling him how he needed to get up so they could go to Uncle Pat's for the evening to spend the night. WHAT? Little did I know that my sweet husband had not made plans with his friend, but instead had gotten us a sitter for the whole night! So seeing my husband put on a suit and tie, I frantically got ready myself while making sure the kids had everything they needed for an overnight.

It was a really nice night. We went to a nice Italian resaurant I had been wanting to try and even got to eat al fresco (one of my favorite things to do). Then we went and saw the new Indiana Jones movie. Thanks Erin for a great surprise. I love you!

Branson trip

So I have a lot to catch up on so if you would like to see pics of our second Branson trip click HERE.