Monday, April 21, 2008

Branson Weekend

What a huge success we had in Branson this weekend! The weather was amazing, the crowds were light, and the kids were great. Angie and I have decided we will definitely venture forth on such an excursion again! Here are some pics from the weekend . . .

There was lots of jostling for hand-holding positions all weekend. Who held whose hand was always really important to each kid for some reason. . .

The small roller coaster was a huge hit with everyone but Gracie, so she stayed with me and rode the flying elephants while the others went for a second go. The big girls loved getting to ride by themselves in the front. They felt so big. Of course, little legs Isaac had to ride with Aunt Angie.

The train is always on of their favorites. Check out Isaac and Gracie's expressions. They are such good buddies! Below they are sharing a ride on some flying bees at Celebration City.

If you want to see and hear more, I'm sure Angie will have her take on the trip up sometime soon!

Friday, April 18, 2008

Whole lotta shakin' going on . . .

A post two days in a row from me! Crazy I know, but this news was just too big. This morning (the news says at 4:37) Erin and I were woken up by the whole house shaking. Of course at first we were both confused, but then realized that we were experiencing an earthquake. It was crazy! Our bed felt like one of those old vibrating beds in hotel going nuts! The whole thing lasted about 10 seconds.

Of course growing up in St. Louis we have always heard about the New Madrid fault that we live on and how we were over due for a bid one. Does the 5.2 quake this morning count? Or is this just beginning of more to come?

Just a side note. . . I found it very interesting that my husband even woke up. He is notoriously hard to wake up, but it took no time at all. I guess that shows you how strong we felt the quake!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

7 random things

I've been tagged 2 times, so here's my list. . .

1. Our family just joined the YMCA last weekend and my first spinning class is tomorrow

2. My sister and I are taking the four kids to Down in the City (Kalista's name for Siver Dollar City) this weekend by ourselves and I'm a bit nervous, but really excited!

3. I twirled a flag all through high school and college, and then coached for four years when I taught. That means I attended 12 years of footballs games (a sport I really don't like)

4. I am currently working as a pre-school teacher making very little money, but I have a Master's Degree.

5. I would make a great secretary. I love filing, typing, answering the phone, etc. Again, I'm a bit overeducated for this job. . .

6. I will be using my MA degree in the fall when I become a high school librarian. YEAH!

7. I am at work typing this list, hence all the work related random things. . .

Have a great day!

I tag Jeanne, Jim, Jen R., Kelly, and whoever else wants to play!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Pizza Hut break through

I think I have mentioned before Kalista's huge pickiness when it comes to eating. It is something we have fought and struggled with for 4 years now. There are about 10 things that she eats fairly well and we always make sure she eats a fruit at lunch and dinner (either applesauce or banana -- the only selections she finds acceptable from the fruit/veggie food group). To me one of the weirdest things she won't eat is bread. At all. This of course leaves out sandwiches, french toast, and many kinds of pizza because the crust is too thick.

Up to two weeks ago the only kind of pizza she would eat is Tombstone. At the annual Camp Ne-o-tez dinner I was told she ate a piece of Pappa John's cheese pizza. I was somewhat shocked, but knew she was really hungry by the time the pizza had arrived. Then last night I was feeling under the weather with allergies and what not and the kids had Book-it coupons for free personal pan pizzas at Pizza Hut. I asked Erin if we could just go there for dinner since I didn't feel like cooking. Of course he was all for it and both kids agreed.

Kalista was all excited about using her special coupon. When the pizza arrived we didn't say anything, but just watched to see what would happen (knowing we had applesauce in the car-though Kalista didn't know this). She looked at it, picked it up, made several faces, and then took a small nibble. When all was said and done she ate one piece of her personal pan pizza, and would have eaten more, but we would have been late for church. Yeah for Kalista! An even bigger shocker is that Isaac only ate one bite of his! (He is usually my big eater, but is suffering from allergies also!)

Trying "new" foods is going to become very important in the coming months as the kids will start a new day care in the fall where I am not allowed to pack their lunch. This will be a huge change and adjustment for Kalista. But each week I seem to see very small baby steps. I guess that's all I can ask for. . .

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Take me out to the ballgame. . .

Our family shot down on the field

Today was our first Cardinal game of the season! Yeah! We had great weather and a great game (Cards won 3-0). The kids are always pretty good at the games, and today was a bonus day for them as there was one homerun (which always means fireworks), we won the game (which means more fireworks), and it was a run the bases day where we get to take them down on the field to run from 1st base to home. They had a blast. Of course is also means no nap for Isaac till about 5 minutes from home. I carried him inside and let him sleep a bit longer, but let's face it 5:00 pm is too late to start a nap and still get to bed at a decent hour. So, needless to say he is really cranky now. . . Oh well, it will be bedtime soon! Hope everyone has a great week, we've got rain, rain, and more rain to look forward to in STL.

In the stands. Did I mention our seat were at the very top in the last row, as high as you could go? Actually they weren't bad seats and we didn't have to worry about people spilling stuff on us!

Isaac crossing home plate with Daddy.

That little red blur about to round 3rd is Kalista.

Friday, April 4, 2008

Trip to the ER

Well it finally happened. A member of our family took a trip to the ER last night. Can you guess who? Did you say Isaac? If so, you would be. . . wrong! Erin punctured his hand at track practice yesterday while trying to lift a hurdle over a fence. He slipped and caught himself on the fence with the palm of his hand. After waiting an hour and a half or so, X-rays (to make sure no foreign object was present), a good cleaning, and a tetus shot, he walked back home from the ER (we live about a block away) just in time to read bedtime stories. Good times!