Friday, May 23, 2008

Summer Break Here we come!

YEAH! No more school! (at least for 9 weeks or so!) The kids and I offically started our summer vacation by going to the mall and everyone getting a new treat. Isaac got some new underwear as we will be starting hard-core potty training in the next week or so. Kalista got a new #5 Pujols shirt (her favorite player) since she outgrew her old one and has passed it down to Isaac. And I got the best treat of all. . . a hard wired adapter to play my Ipod in my car. It is so nice to be able to just plug in my Ipod and go instead of fiddling with changing discs all the time.

So what else is on the summer plans list? Another quick trip to Branson with Angie and the girls, Pre-Camp (just me), a week long trip to Branson with my parents (and Erin this time too!), lots of trips to the YMCA for cycling, tee-ball, swimming, etc., and lots of laying around time getting recharged to start my librarian job in the fall.

I hope everyone's school year ends well, and summer starts great!

Friday, May 16, 2008

The way it always happens. . .

Why is it that all week long, when the kids and I have to get up for preschool I have to wake them up kicking and screaming to leave on time, but on Fridays when we can sleep in one, if not both, of them are up before our regular get up time? So frustrating!

Update on Isaac. . . Today is his last day of steroids, but we'll see about his breathing treatments. He is still a bit wheezy, going to the farm today for the weekend, and that often seems to set off his allergies. Two nights ago he slept through the night and Erin and I got some sleep too, however last night he was up two or three times. The last time Erin got up with him and quite a conversation about how monsters were stomping outside his window. He wasn't scared of them, mind you. I think he just wanted them to be quiet so he could get back to sleep!

This weekend is the last track meet Erin and I have to time. Hence, the kids going to the farm for the night. It also means we get a date night, so we are going out to dinner with some friends and then back to our house for games.

Probably the brightest thing on the horizon is the fact that we only have four more days of preschool for the year! HIP HIP HORRAY!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Monday, May 12, 2008

attempt at video and update

I know it has been a while, but things have been crazy around here.
In the past two weeks, I have . . .
  • Run into a deer in the fast lane on the highway (actually, the deer ran into me. No one was hurt, minimal damage to our car.)
  • prepared for and then timed a two day track meet with Erin (just think LOTS of data entry)
  • Had a fairly successful garage sale with a friend of mine
  • helped coordinate and run sound for our preschool's spring program
  • host several scrapbooking events
  • been up most of the past two nights with Isaac
  • taken Isaac to the Dr.
  • started playing with putting video clips on my blog
As you can see busy, busy with little time to blog. Hopefully Isaac will be turing the corner soon and we can all get some sleep. Of course this won't be til after we finish this round of steroids and breathing treatments. . .

Now for the video clip. It's from the kids' spring program where the theme was Colors of God's World. Everyone worked really hard and the kids learned quite a bit of American Sign Language for several of the songs. Of course Isaac wasn't very into performing by the end of day two when this song takes place, but Kalista did all her signs great. Hope you enjoy the song!