Thursday, October 2, 2008

Kalista's forward strides -- updated

Many of you have read, or just know about my oldest and her struggles with food. Since the time she was one she has not been a good eater, picky to the extreme, and just horrible to please.

Knowing that she couldn't bring her lunch to her new pre-school, this summer we started preparing her to try new things (or go hungry). She mostly went hungry. Since school has started she has actually done pretty well. (I don't think her teachers would agree, but they havn't been around for the last five years to see the progress I've seen in the last few months!) She has now tried many new things at school like ding dongs, rice krispie treats, muffins, and even the crust off of a grilled cheese sandwich. (Again, most of you are thinking big deal most of that is junk food, but you gotta understand she won't even eat bread!)

At home we have slowly been getting rid of "Kalista foods". When we ran out of something it wasn't replace. Over this past weekend, it happened. No more dinosaur chicken! Oh the horror! Monday night was the big event. I made talked about our menu for the week and I let her pick what she wanted to start with. Grilled chicken was chosen, and she seemed ready to try. But when it came down to it, she just couldn't. So I put it in the fridge and warmed it up for breakfast. . . And dinner. . . and after threatening to take her to the hospital for shots (I tend to be a bit melodramtic) she ate her required two bites, only gagging once. She admitted that it tasted just like her old chicken and that next time she wouldn't raise such a fuss (Yeah right!) I then bribed her with Oreos to take two more bites. YEAH!

Tonight was trial two with roast, potatoes, carrots, and rolls. Long story short, she ate half a roll. (Again I would like to point out that she does not eat bread. . . of any kind) Tomorrow I let her choose her new food of either fish sticks at school or mini hamburgers at home. We'll see!

So they may be baby steps, but they are steps for her. And if you think about it, say a little prayer for 'Sis to have courage and eat better. That's what she is praying every night and I would say that God is showing Himself to her! (During prayers tonight she asked God to give her courage to try the fish sticks so she doesn't have to eat a hamburger!)

UPDATE -- Kalista had a note in her cubby today that said she ate her fish sticks. YEAH! She also told me and Erin that she liked them. Trying three new things in one week is more than she has done in two years!


Jen Reijgers said...

oh Alissa, that's so frustrating for you. My youngest, Coen, eats like that as well and i was hoping he would soon grow out of it. I guess maybe not after reading this. We'll give him an entire meal and he'll eat a cracker and he's done. He's off the charts underweight and tested for every disease imaginable b/c of it. I'll need you to tell me your secrets, it sounds like our kids have similar eating issues.

Ang said...

WOW, I am impressed only gagged one time? Kinda makes you wonder if you should have stopped buying dino chicken years ago!?!? You're melodramitic, I didn't think ANYONE in our family was like that!! :)

Amy said...

Fish Sticks rock! :) Congrats on the grilled chicken too! Keep up the "tough love" :)As for the melodrama... a little drama NEVER hurt anyone! Good luck next week too!

Jeanne Bloomfield said...

GREAT JOB KALISTA!!! Bailey and you could be best buds and go hungry together! She keeps telling me she is a vega bat tarian.
Yeah, nice try sista! Good luck on a new adverture each week!!!